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Broken Wand: Roman Szydlowski 1935-2021

Romaine performed and lectured in Canada and Europe. Romaine entertained our troops in World War 2 and he was famous for his imitation of the Great Cardini. He performed his act on the Ed Sullivan Show. He earned the title the Monarch of Manipulators! He will be sorely missed by the magic community.

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episode 118 Romaine - The Monarch of Manipulators ft. Luiz Castro

Today on this very special episode of Magicians Talking Magic we pay tribute to Romaine. In 2012, Graeme was fortunate enough to interview Roman at Kind of Magic in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

This interview has never been released until now.

Not only will you hear this first-ever interview, but Graeme also connected with Romaine’s Mentee, Luiz Castro. Romaine was mentored by the greats such as Cardini and Slydini and has influenced most of today’s masters. He performed at the end of the Vaudeville era and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. Legend is putting it mildly. Today’s episode is a salute to the Monarch of Manipulators.

Links From This Episode:

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