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KW Magic Society October Updates

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Happy Day Ring 235,

First of all, I want to thank those who could attend last month's "meetings." We held our first-ever virtual club meet-up for KW Magic Society, plus had our first in-person meet-up in over a year at Victoria Park Kitchener. Magic in the Park was an excellent way for a bunch of us to reconnect safely outdoors. We welcomed a couple of surprise guests to the meet-up; World Record Holder Doug The Great and Nick Wallace, whom you may know from America's got talent or Fool us. You never know who might show up to our club hangouts.

Listen to the latest Magicians talking Magic podcast with Ryan Joyce and Graemazing all about Magic Clubs!

October is traditionally known as 'magic month', and we have two more exciting events in store for Ring 235. Sunday, October 17th, I hope you can join Ring 235 for "Magic on Tap." Let's all meet up at Symposium on Stone Road in Guelph for a cold beverage and some lunch. This meeting's jam session will be focused on bar magic! Bring a coin trick, card trick or any trick perfect for the pub setting!

RSVP here so I can get a sense of numbers and perhaps make a reservation:


We are kicking off our 2021/2022 virtual lecture series with a bang!

Joe Diamond will be joining us digitally from Chicago, IL.


"I really admire Joe's work for evaluating effects based on how much of yourself you can put into them. More magicians need to think along these lines." -Jay Sankey

"In all my years in magic, Joe Diamond is the best I've ever seen!" -Marshall Brodien

What will he teach?

Joe Diamond is coming off his HIT Penguin lecture, with over 80 FIVE STAR reviews. This Lecture will include several unpublished gems that have served him well in every situation from impromptu, to walk around to stage, to radio, to virtual shows. The effects include Paranormal Fleece: An incredible mind-reading effect Joe has performed impromptu, on stage, and VIRTUALLY. Watch him divine TWO thoughts with ZERO fishing The Ritual of the Magician: One of Joe's Penguin Lecture highlights. Use this over the phone, radio, live, or virtually. Note* This is the only effect in the Lecture that is on his Penguin lecture. All the rest is BRAND NEW. Blockbuster: This is a Mini-Masterclass on how to make Mentalism play on the radio, how to combine methods, and how to promote on this incredibly lucrative media outlet For the Love of Palmistry: Interactive. Propless. Audience Tested. This will go immediately into your show whether you're a magician or mentalist! Joe has done this virtually & live on stage thousands of times. He's opened with it, used it as a backup, and has even closed some shows with it.

This Lecture is free for members of Ring 49, Ring 235 and the London Magician's Guild. For non-members, this Lecture is $10. Register now - we are limited to 100 virtual seats.



See more of Joe Diamond's published work at

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