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Magic in the Park - This Sunday Sept 19, 2021

Hoping to see a bunch of you this Sunday at 1pm for "Magic in the Park" at Victoria Park, Kitchener, for a little informal, in person magical hangout. I have attached a map with an area I hope to save us a picnic table. It's close to the parks if you bring kiddos and near the bathrooms. I think these should be open but the park has suggested using the bathroom before coming to the park.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about how the park currently operates: learn more here:

We hope to also discuss annual dues and what we might like to all see in our club meetings this year!

What you could/should bring:

  • Magic Friend

  • A trick or 2 to share (juggling counts too!)

  • Chair

  • Bottle of water or a beverage


An Update from our virtual meet up this past week:

Thank you to those who were able to attend Ring 235’s first ever virtual “Shazam and Tell”. We look forward to seeing those who can attend this Sunday in Victoria Park. Special shoutout to Tony Gibbs for joining us. We were also given a sneak peek into what the Canadian Association of Magicians has been working on from Fergus’ Ryan Joyce. John Buitendyk kicked off “Shazam and Tell'' with some FISM memories and a humorous teapot version of the famous Lotta Bowl made by Meir Yedid. Noah Nougeuira impressed us with a classic magic animation from his live show that plays perfectly over zoom. Scott Hood shared Roy Keuper’s latest creation - the feather through coin; talk about impressive quality! Corey O'Shaughnessy surprised us all with an impressive coin production from a handkerchief that he discovered in a John Buffaloe book. We then closed off the meeting by all learning an easy self-working trick from Karl Fulves - Slim Chance on page 81 of “Self-Working Card Tricks”. If you’re interested I’ll be happy to share the trick with you! Hope to see you Sunday! -Graeme

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