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September 2021 Meeting Updates

Happy Day KW Magic Society,

September is upon us, which means it's time for the Magic Club to reconnect and share magic once again! We have two club events happening this month...actually this week!

Join us this Wednesday, September 15th at 7 pm for our first ever Virtual "Shazam & Tell" I hosted some of these during the pandemic. They were a great success! Bring a piece of magic (trick or knowledge) to share and bring a deck - I hope to teach us all an easy peasy magic trick to share at school or work. REGISTER HERE - If you have registered you should get the link tomorrow

RIGHT AFTER at 8pm the September CAM JAM will start with Canadian Stars of Magic like Ryan Joyce, Greg Frewin and Carisa Hendrix! REGISTER HERE

This Sunday, I would love for us all to meet in person - but how! Join me for "Magic in the Park." I figure this would be the perfect opportunity for John to collect the annual dues but, most importantly - see each other! The one thing I ask is to keep your politics at the door - this is our special place to talk about what we are genuinely passionate about - magic. Stay tuned for the specific location at Victoria Park ( I might need some help from a club member on this one!)


Also, We have a freshly designed website IBMRING235.ORG - please check it out and subscribe to the mailing list for all KW Magic Society Updates! Check out the news section for posts about Paul and Romaine plus the links to full podcast episodes Ryan and I recorded. I've made this post in a print-out newsletter format for kicks. -Graemazing

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